The following are just a few examples of the range of production i have filmend my showreel will give a more comprehensive overview and is available for viewing on my website along with some samples of my work


I have been working in the film and television industry for 25 years, specializing in film and Digital cinematography as well as the critical element of lighting. I take great pride in producing the best possible outcome in any given situation and under a range of circumstances.

My background includes 4 years of intensive training as a Camera Assistant at a leading Production house in Brisbane. I was trained in both film and video cinematography whilst working under some of Australia’s leading Cinematographers.

During my career I have worked both nationally within Australia and internationally, with a variety of Directors and crews. I have filmed assignments that encompass a wide range of work including studio and location, blue screen, aerial photography, special effects and underwater photography. My experience has given me the opportunity to shoot on film and digital.

I have travelled extensively throughout Australia and overseas working on Documentaries, Commercials, Corporate and Training Films. I have received 23 Australian Cinematography Society Awards in a range of categories in addition to the receiving AFTI 2004 BEST Cinematography award.

I have camera kits including the Sony 4K F55 with Zeiss Lenses and the latest in camera stabilization equipment, the Movi M10 Freefly system. I have a small lighting truck/kit, which includes over 20 lights and a generator. A detailed equipment list can be viewed on this website.



“Facing the Demons” Documentary (logie winner 1999) ABC TV
“Fear and Loathing in the South of France” Docudrama shot in France (at Cannes Film Festival, 1997)
“Great Australian Train Journeys” Documentary shot in various locations across Australia, 1996 CHANNEL NINE
“New Jews of Poland” Documentary shot on location in Poland and Sydney, 2000 SBS
“The Real Matildas” NETWORK 10 - 2000 Eddie Mabo Documentary, 2001 – ABC TV
“A Sense of Place” - 2006 ABC TV
“Icons” 18 Part Series telling Australian Stories Bio Channel 2007
“As Australian As” 10 Part series about famous Australians BIO CHANNEL 2009
“Gumminguru” A Journey of Australian Reconciliation 2007 ABC TV
“No Ordinary Journey” Documentary about young Australians working for Ausaid overseas NETWORK 10 – 2007
“For Valour” – 2009 – History Channel FOXTEL
“Framed” – 2009 – BIO Channel FOXTEL
“The Digger” 2 Hour Dramatised Documentary HISTORY CHANNEL 2011
“The Irish In Australia” Documentary HISTORY CHANNEL 2011
“Mary Mackillop” Dramatised Documentary presented by Allan Jones BIO CHANNEL 2011
“Great Southern Land” 4 Part Series ABC TV/Cordell Jigsaw
“Building Australia” 6 Part Series presented by John Doyle LIFESTYLE CHANNEL 2013
“The Boffin, The Builder and The Bombadier” 9 Part Series ABC TV 2013
Canberra Confidential – 1 Hour Documentary, hosted by Annabel Crabb ABC TV – Smith & Nasht 2013
“The Memorial” – 5 x 1 Hour episodes – Hosted by Neil Oliver FOXTEL/Eyeworks 2014
“Changed Forever” – 3 x 1 Hour episodes Drama - History Channel / Wildbear Productions


“Never too Latte” winner Melbourne Film Festival, finalist in Tropfest 1998
“Loading Zone” winner St Kilda Film Festival 1997
“Nessun Hoedown” Bearcage Productions 1996;
“The Best Man” winner Canberra Short Film Festival 2003
“Apartment” – Bearcage Production
“Milkman” – Citizen Duane Productions
“Fore” – Citizen Duane Productions TROPFEST Finalist 2008
“Shockwave” – Bearcage Productions 2009
“A Positive” – Bearcage Productions 2010



SILVER ACS AWARD – ‘The Boffin, The Builder and The Bombadier’ Ep2 “Chinese Firelance” TV Magazine category
SILVER ACS AWARD – ‘The Boffin, The Builder and The Bombadier’ Ep7 “Trebuchet” TV Magazine category
BRONZE ACS AWARD – “Building Australia” Ep5 ‘Federation Housing Documentary and Cinema category


GOLD ACS AWARD – “As Australian As” John Woods TV Magazine category
SILVER ACS AWARD – “The Digger” Dramatised Documentary category


BRONZE ACS AWARD - “A Positive” Fictional Drama Short Film category
BRONZE ACS AWARD – “Nathan’s Party” Corporate and Educational category


SILVER ACS AWARD – “For Valour” Dramatised Documentary category


SILVER ACS AWARD – “Icons” Barry Crocker TV Magazine category


BRONZE ACS AWARD – “Gumminguru” A Journey of Reconciliation TV Magazine category


SILVER ACS AWARD – “Time Lord” TVC – ACTEW AGL Commercial category
BRONZE ACS AWARD – “Baiames Ngunnhu” Training and Educational category


Highly Commended ACS Award – “The Assignment” Eli Lilly Corporate category
Highly Commended ACS Award – “The Milkman” Dramatised Short Film category


SILVER ACS AWARD – “Apartment” Dramatised Short Film category
Highly Commended ACS Award – “Kids in the House” Parliament House TVC Commercial Production category


Highly Commended ACS Award – “Minding your Business” Corporate Video category


Highly Commended ACS Award – “Regional Health Strategy” Corporate category
Highly Commended ACS Award – “A Father’s Story” Training and Educational category


SILVER ACS AWARD – “Australian National University” Corporate category


Highly Commended ACS Award – “The Real Matildas” TV Magazine category
Highly Commended ACS Award – “Knowing your FACS” Corporate category


Highly Commended ACS Award – “Never too Latte” Fictional Dramatised Short category – this was also a TROPFEST FINALIST


Sony F 55

  • Director of Photography
  • SONY F55 35mm Sensor 4K ,2K& HD 444,422 Camera Kit/slowmo up to 180 fps
  • Zeiss CP Lens Kit (15mm, 28mm, 50mm & 100mm)
  • Movecam swing away Mate boxes & follow focus kit
  • Canon ZOOM lens 70 to 200mm, 24 to 105mm & 10 to 28mm 17mm Tilt Shift Lens
  • Production Lighting Kit: (2x HMI KIT(1.2k&800w) Generator,2 x 4 Bank diva keno + 4 x 150 watt dedo kit + 2x 400 watt light panels + 2 x 800 watt red heads + 1 x 2000 watt blondie + 2 x 8 feet square scrim frame + 20 x light stands + 10 x sand bags)
  • HD Portable Monitor ( 17’’& 7 ‘’ Ikan)
  • HD 55 Miller Tripod / Baby Legs and High Hat
  • Filter Kit with 14 assorted filters
  • Wally Dolly, Easyrig & Grip Kit
  • Teradek Bolt pro Video Link


  • M0VI M10 Freefly System (with monitor & Video link)
  • Kessler 5ft Cine Slider with motion control Kit
  • Portable Green / Blue Screen (4m x 5m)
  • Portable Green Screen (6m x 5.5m)
  • Turn Table
  • Mirror Box (interview)
  • Still Camera Kit Canon 5 D m3
  • Atomos HD recorder kit
  • Underwater Splash housing for SONY F55 Camera and Canon 5D M3
  • # Generator 2000 watts

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Email: geoff.ellis2@bigpond.com

Name: Geoffrey Ellis
Phone: +61 414 651 656